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annual scientific conference being held by the Public Law Research Institute jointly with the Faculty of Law, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”

May is the month which is marked with the interuniversity scientific-practical conference "Spring Days of Science", which became traditional in the calendar of scientific events. The conference has being organized by the Public Law Research Institute, jointly with the Department of Financial, Tax and Customs Law, the National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.

The distinctive features of “Spring Days of Science” are:

  • thematic areas of scientific reports, addressing issues of the modern financial, tax, and customs law science;
  • significant number of the interdisciplinary researches, as well as studies conducted using the comparative law and historical law methods;
  • participation of junior scholars, graduate students, and undergraduates, along with the well-known scientists;
  • broad geographical representation of participants (various regions of Russia, the CIS states);
  • publication of the conference reports;
  • publication of the conference materials on the legal reference system “ConsultantPlus” and on disk “ConsultantPlus: for Higher School”.

Organizing Committee of the InterUniversity Scientific Conference “Spring Days of Science”

The composition of the organizing committee and editorial board for the collection of articles published as a result of the conference:

Prof. A.N. Kozyrin (Chairperson), Doctor Habilitated in Law

Prof. A.A. Yalbulganov, Doctor Habilitated in Law

Ass. Prof. T.N. Troshkina, Candidate of Sciences in Law, Candidate of Sciences in Economics

Yu.V. Ginzburg, Candidate of Sciences in Law

Information for the participants

  1. “Spring Days of Science” is a scientific conference which assumes physical presence of participants.
  2. The organizers do not cover travel and overhead costs related to participation in the conference.
  3. The applications are subject for screening and selection by the Organizing Committee.
  4. Requirements to the format of reports for publication are available at:

  5. Amount of report: 0,25 – 1,0 p. sh.
  6. The Organizing Committee informs applicants on the results of selection.
  7. A scholar, when applying for the conference and submitting the report manuscript, confirms that:

  8. 1) they are the single author of the submitted work; submitting the work does not infringe the rights of third persons and does not cause any responsibilities for the latters and the PLRI;
    2) upon recommendation of the Organizing Committee, the applicant agree to publish the work in the scientific publications of the PLRI, including in the reports collection :Spring Days of Science” without any additional approvals and terms (the works are published on non-paid basis; the PLRI reserves the right to place the published works on the electronic resources, including the legal reference system “ConsultantPlus”).

Spring Days of Science-2014

Collection of articles

Spring Days of Science-2015

Collection of articles

Spring Days of Science-2016

Agenda Collection of articles
Scientific report presentation by the Head of the Treasury of Russia"

Spring Days of Science-2017

Agenda Collection of articles