> About PLRI

There are three research laboratories one for every course of the research activity:

  • Constitutional Law and Political Research Laboratory
  • Administrative Law and Public Administration Laboratory
  • Public Finances and Financial Law Laboratory

Within the laboratories the specialized research groups can be created to hold the research activity according to the priority courses.

Now there are five specialized research groups, working within PLRI:

  • Administrative Reform and Development of Public Administration Group
  • Budget Reforms and Financial Law Group
  • Educational Legislation and Educational Reforms Group
  • Customs Law and Regulation of Foreign Trade Group
  • Land Law and Payments for Use of Natural Resources Group
  • Natural Resources Law Group

The management of the PLRI is based on principles of undivided authority and contribution.

The direct leadership of the Institute is held by the Director of the PLRI. From the moment of foundation of the PLRI this post has been taken up by professor and doctor of law A. Kozyrin.

Duties and commissions of the Director are determined in a Charter of the PLRI.

According to the Charter collective authority of the PLRC is a Board of Constitutors of the PLRI.

Main issues of the Institute are discussed on sessions of the Academic Council which is a deliberative body of the PLRI. The Council contributes to the PLRI authorities’ performance in the areas of prosecution of scientific researches, publishing and educational activities, international co-operation development and others.

The Academic Council discusses and makes decisions on the most important issues of PLRI, including:

  • integration of scientific, methodical, educational and innovation activities;
  • planning of researches;
  • preparation of scientific and educational specialists, publication of scientific works;
  • analysis of results of scientific and organizational activities of the PLRI;
  • consideration of important scientific problems, scientific works and outcomes of the most important researches of the PLRI;
  • reporting of the Director of the PLRI, chiefs of laboratories and specialized research groups, temporary scientific groups and single specialists;
  • planning and organization of work on retraining and raising the skill level of scientific and educational specialists;
  • organization and development of international co-operation and others.

Members of the Academic Council:

  • Kozyrin А. (Chairman of the Academic Council) – professor, doctor of laws, director of the Public Law Research Institute.
  • Kuznetsov N. (Vice-chairman of the Academic Council) - Professor, doctor of laws, leading research fellow of the Public Law Research Institute.
  • Troshkina Т. (Secretary of the Academic Council) – associate professor, candidate of Law, candidate of Economics, senior researcher of the Public Law Research Institute.
  • Artyukhin R. – director of the Federal Treasury.
  • Gudoshnikov L. – Professor, Doctor Habilitated in Law, main research officer of the Institute of the Far East of the Russian Academy of Science.
  • Ilyin А. – candidate of jurisprudence, associate professor of the Saint-Petersburg state university.
  • Komyagin D. – Doctor Habilitated in Law, leading researcher, PLRI.
  • Konyukhova T. – candidate of jurisprudence, senior researcher of the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Jurisprudence to the Government of the Russian Federation.
  • Korf D. - Candidate of Law, senior researcher, PLRI.
  • Mamedova N. – candidate of economy, manageress of sector of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Science.
  • Mogunova М.– Professor, Doctor Habilitated in Law.
  • Nasinkin V. – candidate of jurisprudence, director of the Federal Centre of Educational Law.
  • Shtatina M. – candidate of jurisprudence, manageress of chair of the Academy of Justice to the Supreme Court of Russian Federation and the Supreme Arbitrage of the Russian Federation.
  • Yalbulganov A. - Professor, Doctor Habilitated in Law, candidate of history, head researcher of the Public Law Research Institute.

PLRI is a founder of the “Reforms and the Law” scientific and analytical magazine and “Public Law Researches” scientific and analytical e-magazine.

Educational activity occupies a special place in the work of the Institute. The Public Law Research Institute cooperates with Russian and foreign universities. The PLRI staff deliver lectures, conduct seminars, supervise development of diploma research papers and Master dissertations on various issues of public law. Special support is provided to post-graduates working for candidate's and doctor's degree.

Close cooperation is established and being maintained between PLRI and the National Research University "High School of Economics" and the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.